Zero Tolerance

Category: Newsletters Published on Apr 27 2016



I caught a really good employee checking Facebook. She says that she was only responding to her sister’s private message about needing her to babysit her niece, but we have a zero tolerance policy about accessing Facebook at work. What should I do? Do I have to fire her?


Mark, PA



I feel your pain, but zero tolerance means zero tolerance. You have to do whatever the policy states is the penalty for accessing Facebook at work. If you don’t, the policy is meaningless and you may open your company up to future lawsuits and discrimination charges. Because of these risks, be sure to talk with your human resources department or advisor as you proceed.


Also, talk to the rest of your staff members about this policy. Remind them that there will be no exceptions.


Finally, what are acceptable alternatives if they need to communicate with family members during work hours? Either share these ideas or spend some time brainstorming and discussing viable options.


Good luck!