Strategic Leader

Category: Newsletters Published on Oct 22 2015



I recently heard the term ‘strategic leader’ used in conversation. What exactly does this term mean?


Robert, NJ




What a great question!


Being a strategic leader begins by knowing and understanding the company brand definition. This is the vision, mission, values, and operating guidelines of the organization he works for.


In addition, a strategic leader has the following qualities:

 - Ability to answer the question “why?” logically, thoroughly, and understandably about any tactic he is pursuing. In addition, he can tie it to the direction the group is heading.

 - A learning mind: He is interested in what is going on around him and why it is happening in that way. In fact, the reason he is able to answer the question “why?” is because he has already asked it of others hundreds of times.

 - Sees both the forest and the trees and understands how they influence each other. He understands the goals of his department, his division, and the company as a whole. Further, he understands how his department contributes to the success of the division and the company. And he understands how decisions made further up will affect his department.

 - Thinks globally and acts locally. He strives to understand the environment outside of his department and even the company. What is happening in the community? Where is the economy headed? How will the decisions made in his department be affected by or make an effect on the outside environment?

 - Actively participates when he has something to add to a discussion, challenge, or decision. He spends more time listening and asking questions, but when the time is right, he speaks up. And if necessary, he speaks out loudly.


What can you do today to become a more strategic leader?


Have a great day!