Legally Speaking Radio Interview

Category: Internal Brand Published on Jan 17 2017

Do you also like to listen to business information? Karen Jett, RedKnight’s Internal Brand Specialist, was interviewed by Kirsten Balzer-Miniscalco of Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford on  the Legally Speaking show.


During the radio show, Kirsten and Karen chat about the importance of a company developing and using a brand definition. The brand is made up of 4 elements: the vision, mission, values, and company belief systems (referred to as operating guidelines during the interview).

Once the brand is defined it is essential in business growth. While it is key in developing a marketing strategy, this conversation concentrates on building the brand into the organization and its people. Examples are provided along with explanations of how this adds value and profitability to the business.  Listen now