Left Behind

Category: Newsletters Published on Mar 24 2016



I am a manager. Recently, my manager left for another position. I had applied for his position, but did not get it. Next week my new manager starts. What should I do if my ultimate goal is to move ahead in this company?


Lil, PA



Wow, that’s rough. I’ve been through this situation myself and understand the pain and resentment that you may be feeling. However, you must not let these feelings get the best of you for they will undermine your future success.


The best method to get ahead is to make sure that your new manager is as successful as he or she can possibly be. While doing this, position yourself as being indispensable and a valuable asset.


To make the rest of this explanation easier, let’s call the new manager Bob.


On Bob’s first day, be one of the first people to introduce yourself and welcome Bob to his new position. Offer to show him around and explain the ropes. Then be sure to set him up for success, early and often.


Share the inside information you have learned over time, making certain that it is all phrased in a positive and affirmative manner. Help him to locate the people who are influential and avoid those who are time wasters.


If Bob has new ideas he wants to introduce, help him to vet them and help to sell them among your staff and co-workers. If he wants to change some sacred cows, tell him and help him to achieve the outcomes he desires while stepping on the fewest number of toes.


Finally, accept the fact that Bob has the job that you wanted. In the meantime, learn from Bob as you help him to navigate his new job and responsibilities.

 - What would you have done differently? Why?

 - Can you adopt any new concepts Bob brought that are fresh and invigorating?

 - What skills, knowledge and abilities can you learn from Bob that will increase your future promotion prospects?


Reframe this situation to be an opportunity to grow and to become more valuable to the company. Your time will come, either inside this company or as an outside opportunity once you have learned what Bob has come to teach you.


Good luck!