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Category: People Published on Jul 06 2016

The current trend, especially in larger organizations like Starbucks, is a move towards increasing the amount of digital training* employees receive. In fact, according to, on-line corporate training is expected by grow by 13% per year through 2017. Considering that currently 77% of US companies currently offer on-line training, this is significant.


After speaking to Jen, an employee who is experiencing this upsurge in digital training, I feel compelled to speak out on this trend.


Category: Internal Brand Published on Jun 28 2016

When we work with companies to assist them to identify their core business values, we explain that simply identifying and documenting their values is not enough. Unfortunately, a single word, short phrase, or even a single sentence is not usually adequate to fully explain what is meant by a core value. That is because many words can be a bit ambiguous and may be interpreted by different individuals to mean different things resulting in inconsistencies in internal behavior.


Category: Newsletters Published on Jun 23 2016



I know the person I would like to hire but I need to check references. What kinds of questions would be helpful to ask when checking references?


Jordan, PA


Category: Processes Published on Jun 21 2016

There is a conflict, or natural tension, between entrepreneurial creativity and systems and structure. I admit it. I have a love / hate relationship with procedures and standardization. By creating processes for daily tasks, we free up time and energy to work on the growth and truly exciting aspects of our businesses. Instead of struggling with daily tasks, wouldn’t you rather locate the next exciting opportunity, vision a bigger and better future, or identify and imprint the values and culture that will make your company unique and endurable?


Category: Processes Published on Jun 15 2016

I recently received an email from someone who attended a webinar. To quote, this person stated: “Your information was very basic, but good.”


Ouch! Very basic….really?

Then again, perhaps this is not an ‘Ouch!’ moment.  Successful people understand that mastering and consistently applying the basics is fundamental to their success.

Category: Bottom Line Published on Jun 08 2016

Leading indicators must lead to financial results. If they don’t then they are not good leading indicators. It’s that simple.


Before we go deeper and discuss why this is simple, though not always easy nor used, let’s look at what a leading indicator is versus a lagging indicator.


Category: People Published on May 31 2016

Last week one of my clients (let’s call him Sam) had the unfortunate task of firing an employee. Sam shared with me afterwards that he was worried that the employee would now sue his company.


My advice to Sam was to “Let it go! Stop thinking about it because it’s totally out of your control. You did what needed to be done and you did it the right way. If she does bring charges against your company the half inch of written warnings in her personnel file will be a good resource. And it’s quite possible that she will do nothing but file for unemployment.”


This vignette is an example of unproductive worrying. Whether or not the ex-employee brings charges of any sort against the company is totally out of Sam’s control. And if she does, the actual experience will most likely not be as bad as what Sam’s imagination and worry would turn it into. Regardless, there is nothing Sam can do about it until and unless it happens.


Category: Newsletters Published on May 25 2016



I’m a new manager who was hired from outside the company. The previous manager was well liked, but let go because he did not accomplish stated company goals. Staff resent me and blame me for his termination. Would you give me with some advice on how to win them over?


Adam, PA


Category: Bottom Line Published on May 24 2016

You can be too flexible. Take it from me. I know from personal experience.


I have been blessed, or cursed, with a flexibility that exceeds that of the average person. As a result I have had 6 sprained ankles, a broken ankle, and innumerable twists and near misses. When I went to physical therapy after the broken ankle, the therapists affectionately nicknamed me Gumby. And their parting words were: “It’s not if you will sprain or break your ankle again, it’s when.”


Nice huh?


Category: Internal Brand Published on May 17 2016

Here’s the thought that popped into my head earlier today: In a values based organization, is it ever acceptable for employees to provide quality that is just good enough?


To find our answer let’s compare Leslie and Angie.