6 Part - Growing your People

Our six-part empowerment program, Grow Your People, focuses on improving the various skills your employees have and applying their individual strengths where they are best suited. This program provides opportunities for people in key positions to develop and enhance their skill sets, promoting balanced growth within your business. The parts can be taken in any order which allows you to pick and choose which would have the biggest benefit to you and the members of your leadership team.

The Grow Your People empowerment program can be implemented on a selective basis for private organizations; you do not have to implement them in order or all at once. In fact, we recommend scheduling them out over time rather than doing all at the same time starting with the ones that are currently most important.

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Part 1: Time Management and Organizational Skills
This part of the program focuses on time management and organizational skills. It teaches your employees how to set priorities, create goals, and become more organized. When your employees are organized and make the most of their time, things will get done faster, allowing you to take on more work and ideally increase your company’s profits.

Part 2: Diversity and Effective Verbal Communication
This part addresses diversity and verbal communication. It highlights the opportunities presented by a diverse team of individuals. Your key people will learn how to create value out of individual differences, understand and utilize different communication preferences, and actively listen based on these communication preferences. With these skills your team will be able to support each other and work together smoothly.

Part 3: Workplace Leadership
This section of the program aims to strengthen the leaders of your company. Strong leaders are able to change the attitudes and behaviors of others for the better. Your key people learn how to appropriately utilize the 5 bases of power, apply the 5 leadership roles, and both give and earn respect from their staff members. Higher-ups who respect their employees, and vice versa, inspire your team members to want to work for the overall good of your business.

Part 4: Employee Coaching
This step teaches managers how to train, coach and provide valuable feedback to employees. They will learn how to apply the most appropriate training option to a given situation, overcome barriers to learning, and coach employees to increase productivity and efficiency.

Part 5: Empowerment and Conflict Resolution
The fifth section trains your key individuals to harness the ability to empower others. They will learn how to apply a 4 step process to authentically empower employees, create opportunities for sustained employee growth, and effectively resolve conflicts within the workplace. With these strategies, less time will be spent on resolving conflicts and your employees can focus on growing the business instead of focusing on an otherwise growing conflict.

Part 6: Breeding a Culture of Trust
In the last part of the empowerment program, your key people will learn how to identify and respond to ethical issues, understand the responsibility of the power they wield, and reinforce existing ethical standards. A culture of trust will encourage employees to work hard and help each other. This culture will also appeal to customers and increase sales.

"You know, as most entrepreneurs do, that a company is only as good its people. The hard part is actually building the team that will embody your company culture and propel you forward."
Kathryn Minshew