All of the growth and branding programs that RedKnight provides can also be taught one-on-one. Like a personal trainer for your business, we work closely with you or a member of your staff through a fully custom and individualized approach. We strive to educate and guide your key staff members for a deeper understanding of what needs to be done in order to help the business grow.

In this one-on-one setting, we will mentor you or your staff member every step of the way, from creating and establishing your internal brand to growing all the aspects of your business. It is an invaluable opportunity to have our team work side by side with yours. You won’t find consultants as dedicated and committed to seeing your business succeed as you will with the RedKnight team. When you have access to one, you have access to all. This means you have access to expertise above and beyond what just your coach knows, it means access to the combined knowledge of RedKnight and the ability to tackle any situation you might be faced with.

Our one-on-one support is a long-term process that ensures your business gets the most out of the programs and expertise we have to offer. With regularly scheduled appointments we can continue to check in on your progress and help your growth stay on track. This type of one-on-one business relationship ensures that everyone is on the same page when working on important elements and facing some of the biggest challenges.

"You don't build a business, you build people, then people build the business." --Zig Ziglar