Internal Branding

Your internal brand is the foundation of your entire business. It is important that everyone involved in your business understands all the aspects of your internal brand. RedKnight works with everyone in your company to first identify and then clarify the values you already have set to put together a comprehensive internal brand that everyone understands. We employ various exercises and techniques to make sure your internal brand is clearly defined and understood as intended by existing and any new people you may bring in. When everyone is on the same page, your business will begin to grow faster because it has a solid foundation.

You may be asking yourself, what does “internal brand” really mean? We determine an internal brand by using four main parts: your Vision, Mission, Values, and Belief Systems. These tell your employees and customers what the business is all about and what is important to the business. It explains to everyone what the company does and why it does it. It lays out the goals of your company and how those goals are achieved.

It is important to clearly document all parts of your internal brand and use them as the basis for all of your growth. This will ensure that the culture of your brand remains consistent. Internal brand guidelines are used in all aspects of your business: they’re used for decision making, for external messaging, for dealing with customers, and for solving problems. In many cases they even help you choose what vendors you work with.

Internal branding has been the most underestimated aspect of a business until recent years when it was brought into the spotlight by some large, successful brand building giants. What they know and understand, is now available to you to help build your brand.

Ongoing Support
Once your internal brand is clearly defined, understood and documented, RedKnight can continue to support your business through our various programs. These programs are focused on taking your internal brand and applying it to your strategies, people, processes, external brand, and bottom line. Your internal brand is only the beginning, and we will be there to help you build not only a successful business but also a successful brand. If requested, we can also help develop materials for in-house use as handouts or to hang in employee areas to reinforce the brand.

” Build it like you are franchising it, no matter the current size of your business.”
G. Sigurdarson