How We Do It

Your brand is everything about your company. The sooner that is understood by everyone in the business, the quicker you will be building on a solid foundation.

Your brand is how your employees work together, how your business operates, in other words it is the customer’s experience through the entire purchase cycle - from first mention thru purchase follow up and hopefully re-purchase. When everyone within your company is unified under your brand, your business will be set to grow. When your business’ internal brand is strong, your customers will experience this in all stages of the customer lifecycle, understand what the business is all about, and eventually if everything lines up correctly, become loyal to the brand.

RedKnight will work with you every step of the way to clearly define your internal brand based on four key concepts: the company’s Vision, Mission, Values, and Belief System. Through various exercises custom tailored to your business, you will define each part of your internal brand elements and ensure that it is understood by all individuals within the business. If you already have some of these parts detailed, we can make sure they are understood correctly and as intended, then guide you to make changes and additions as needed. Without all four elements in place, your internal brand will never be clearly defined.

After the foundation is set, we can then move forward by helping take your clearly defined brand and applying it to our growth programs, in order to create a personalized strategy for your business. The main pillars of our successful growth programs include:
1. Growing your Strategy
2. Growing your People
3. Growing your External Brand
4. Growing your Processes
5. Growing your Bottom Line

We understand that every business is unique and has its own challenges to overcome. That is why our consulting strategies are flexible, adaptive and able to deal with the problems that your company faces.

“If your business isn’t growing, it’s dying.”